Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back and Better'n ever!

After a brief stint of non-blogging and a change of name, we're back...

This weekend, in our lame attempt at country living, we attended the Fort Worth Stock Show. It was my first time in a LONG time (maybe ever?)to be around real live sheepsies, and let me tell you, I'm convinced. Let's do it! They only had Ramboulliet, Hampshires, Colombians, and a couple of other common breeds (I was hoping to see some Navajo Churros or the like) but they were great. I've never really seen the "flocking instinct" up close, but they would just lead one out of the arena after the show, and there they would all go! Rushing to see who could be the closest to the first one out the gate! So much fun... I can't wait to have some... and chickens! There were some beautiful chickens. I wonder... could I have a couple of banty hens in my Dallas backyard? Hmmm....


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