Thursday, February 02, 2006


The rest of the family (and me)...
These are our loveable, soon to be totally inappropriate farmdogs, Nova and Frisco. We're "dog people". We coddle them, recognize their faults, and promptly ignore them. We're partly looking for a farm to appease them. Take that as you will...

I got Frisco a little over two years ago from the Pound in Plano, Texas. He was a bundle of matted brown (yes brown!) fur, and the best out of the bunch at the shelter. I flew him home to Los Angeles two days later, and he did wonderfully! Since then he has been second in command chez Lacy. The other man of the house keeps trying to boot him to third, but has yet to succeed.

Nova, the rougher and tougher (only on the outside) of the two, my fiance found roaming the streets of L.A. He was driving along and saw her almost get hit by a Chevy Nova (hence....). He parked, ran after her, and after twenty minutes of chasing and cornering, she gave up and just came to him. I met her three days later at the airport, and she was already hopelessly in love with him. This love affair has continued and grown, as has her annoyingness, and she leads the pack in whining and howling.

They're scruffy, they don't play well with others, they're our little bundles of joy!


Blogger Sue said...

I'm a dog person too, with a 200 pound English Mastiff that we rescured a few years ago, it was love at first site when I seen his mug on the internet! He's something else, there is no other dog like him, he was meant to be ours! Enjoy yours, and find them a farm soon! LOl

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