Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Picture This:

Me, clad in my work clothes (which I must say, TODAY at least, are quite sophisticated), 3" heels, slick hair, skirt, etc, chasing two mangy chicks around the chicken run trying to round them up to put them back in the coop...

My heels have a little mud and straw on them, but my chickies are safe from the coming thunderstorm!!! I was reading GirlOnAGlide's blog the other day, and now I'm paranoid to leave them out if there's a threat of rain!!!

Tomorrow (or Friday, or sometime soon) I will be unveiling the new girls' names!! WOO HOO!!


Blogger Juli said...

You're paranoid?? I'M paranoid! The weather guessers said 50% chance of rain today...

No dice.

I left the girls in until late this evening when hubby got home. Oh I'll be glad when we get their housing done. For now, it's life in the garage for them. Sad times, sad times.

I'm excited to learn the names... yippee!

7:54 PM  

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