Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guerrilla Gardening, Part III

Well Sunday morning i FINALLY planted a little fall garden in our Guerrilla Garden-- (see Guerrilla Gardening, Part I and Guerrilla Gardening, Part II). Yes, it has been sitting idle since the end of June, and to testify to our lack of rain and of good soil, there were only about five weeds to pull in the whole plot.

I planted some broccoli, red kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, radishes, spinich (which will be nice to have nowadays!) and I'm pretty sure some other stuff I can't remember right now... I'd post a photo, but for now it pretty much looks like what it did in the last photo-- bare dirt.

I amended the soil with four big bags of compost, but that soil was pretty bleak looking, so for now I'm just hoping that SOME of the seeds sprout! The radishes I planted in a pot on the back porch, though, and they're already peeking through! They look good, until the point at which Camilla finds them. They're not only in her favorite bathing pot, they are also green and on my back porch, and she unfortunately believes that anything that falls into these two categories also falls into the "chicken food" category. Hence the reason for my back porch/yard looking like a desolate wasteland, and my front porch and walk leaning toward jungle.

On a positive note, the plants I recently labeled as "mostly unproductive" have all of a sudden become profusely productive!!! I don't know if they heard me or what, but all of a sudden I have numerous poblano and habanero peppers growing away, and the plants are covered in blossoms. Weird... maybe the pavement under them was warming the soil too much? Maybe they needed the natural rain instead of my "artificial" rain? For whatever reason, they and the strawberries are going NUTS (strawberries just with foliage, though).

The weather is fabulous-- staying in the 60-85 range most days, and hopefully these mild days will stick around a little longer... or at least until i get ONE poblano pepper... then I'm sooo ready for WINTER!



Blogger Juli said...

Glad to hear you got in a planting... it's going to be fun to see what sprouts! We've yet to get in our fall planting but it'll happen. I love planting seeds.. watching, waiting, pointing, smiling. It's peaceful excitement. :)

5:37 AM  
Blogger KFarmer said...

I guess it is that time again- fall planting. Hope all goes well :)

10:25 AM  

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