Monday, February 12, 2007

The Last Day of the Chickens...

Saturday was Camilla and Piggy's last day Chez Lacy. It was a sad day, but one of fun. I let the chickens out for one last run of the yard with the dogs, and they got to show off their chicken-y selves for the camera. Their new home is pretty fantastic. Landscape architect Michael has a virtual bird sanctuary in his suburban backyard. He has a variety of fancy banties, pairs of beautiful phesants, doves, parrots, macaws, and bird friendly doggies. I feel very good about where they are, and it makes me feel good that he's probably giving them a better home than I ever could.

**In retrospect, this video might be annoying and long to some... just a warning. And my voice-over is for sure annoying, so feel free to watch without sound!!!!

Camilla and Piggy's new home

New neighbors, the Golden Phesants

The Aviary and some of the girls co-habitators (they are by far the BIGGEST birds!)


Blogger Juli said...

It IS sad letting them go, isn't it? I still miss my Ginger and Ella. :( Looks like your girls will live a good life though, so that's great!

8:46 PM  
Blogger KFarmer said...

I know you are going to miss your girls, but they do look like they will be happy. Maybe sometime later you can get some more.

How are you feeling by the way? I could not turn on the video so I did not notice if you were included. Are you getting nice and round- bursting with love? :) I so enjoyed carring my children around inside me and missed them so after they were born-

9:26 AM  

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