Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Growing, growing, gone!!!

Belly growing growing.....

and gone from Texas.
Our new back yard in the mountains

We got to California about 2 months ago and things are going just swimmingly. We have a house about 3X bigger than our old one... not a farm yet, but we're just renting, so it's okay. We've started a little garden (soon to grow) in our back yard, and as anyone who has visited knows, turned the guest room into the "Garden Suite". We live in the mountains, a much COLDER climate than I'm used to gardening in, so all of my little tomato and pepper seedlings (now relatively large plants) are waiting out the cold and snow in the window seat under a grow lamp.

It all started with an argument over a baby prison (a.k.a. crib) when Wes bought us the car seat to make up for hating cribs. Now I'm a little over 6 months along in baby time, and baby paraphernalia is slowly but surely taking over. My mom came out the weekend before last and we did a little shopping, then my mother-in-law came out last weekend and we did a little MORE shopping. However, the baby's room is still serving as the office, so ACTUAL set-up will have to wait until we have time to set up and move the office to a more suitable location.

Oh, and as for baby birthin', for those of you who aren't yet in on the craziness, we've decided to have a homebirth!! We just feel it's the best option for us, and we're really excited. According to most of our friends and family we've crossed the line from starry-eyed wanna-be farmers into full fledged semi-crazy hippies, but I'm growing to accept that... that might actually be kind of a fun label to have!

The transition from hard working career woman to semi-retired 50's housewife has been relatively smooth. Besides a few days (okay, weeks) of laying on the sofa in complete and utter slothdom, I have found it pretty easy to keep myself busy. There's all these projects that I have been planning to do for, oh, YEARS, that I now magically have the time for (at least for the next 3 months. Then I'm sure things will change once again). So I'm knitting up a storm, refinishing furniture that's been languishing in disrepair for much too long, cooking all the time, gardening like it's going out of style... it's actually great. I have to work a little harder to keep my nose to this new found grindstone, but it's nice to not have a boss...

And for those of you who couldn't see the chicken video from the last post-- try again! It's public now, so it should work for everyone!


Blogger Juli said...

LACY!! I was SO happy to find your update! Such excitement... I'm thrilled for you! And a homebirth... I love it! My husband and I have started calling ourselves "crazies" so take comfort in knowing you're not alone. Love that view... love it. *sigh* :)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

Lacy!! I am so happy to have you back ~ love the new view! I wanted to have a homebirth with #3, but hubby nixed the idea. He's not quite the hippie that I am! I wish you all LOTS of luck and fun :-)

And PLEASE don't stay away so long!!

9:03 AM  
Blogger KFarmer said...

So sorry I've not visited in a while- What wonderful views of you and the new homestead! I'm so excited for you and your new life in CA.

PS- I hope you are not overly worried about what others think-Some of us just march to the sound of our own drum. Be well and happy!

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Robinson said...

I have an acquaintance who had two home births and she's as far from "hippie" as you can get. And I don't know what the story on the crib is, but I had one and between both of my children it was probably only ever slept in 10 times. Hardly worth the money spent on it.

Congratulations on everything!

11:06 AM  

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