Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surprise Alien Flowers

Just a little update on our garden...

We moved into a house in Long Beach that has a lot of gardens for a suburban house, and new things are popping up all the time- especially with all of the rain lately!

I noticed this oddity this morning that came up while we were visiting in-laws:
It's some sort of israeli black lily. And it smells like dog pee. Kind of odd- and HUGE! About a foot tall!

Anyway- that's what we discovered today!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wow, so it's been a YEAR!

Here's an update on Edie Jean...

We Now live in Long Beach.... though for how long who knows!! We may be out pretty soon due to some unforeseen circumstances..

Everyone's doing well... we have chickens again! 4 dozen eggs in the fridge right now! Much better layers than our Piggy and Camilla!