Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, the temperatures are finally supposed to stay above freezing, so I've bravely started trying to put some things in the ground. Yesterday I planted a BUNCH of potatoes and repotted all the tomatoes and peppers again. It's not quite warm enough for them outside yet, so now they're in the "garden suite" in even larger pots, awaiting Mother's Day when local lore is that it is officially okay to transplant outdoors. Hopefully everything will survive this multiple disturbing of the roots. The carrot seeds I sowed three weeks ago seem to be showing SOME signs of life (I had just about given up on them and was getting ready to reseed when I saw a few little sprouts popping up!). However, the few tomatoes and squash that I DID plant outside due to lack of space in the garden suite don't seem to be doing too well. I made the mistake of covering the container tomatoes with clear plastic the first night (for lack of appropriate material) and it appears to have burned the leaves pretty drastically. And the squash, well I KNOW that it doesn't like being transplanted OR cold nights, but it was starting to blossom in the little six pack, and it was definitely time to try and save two or three. But apparently it didn't agree, because despite the row cover and straw mulch, it's wilting and turning yellow as I write, while the plants left in the six pack and out in the open in our 40 degree nights seem totally happy... who knows! Well, that's about it for now-- everyone keep good thoughts for my little transplants!


Blogger KFarmer said...

It's wise to listen to the old timers at the hardware store. They probably have a planting guide there too that you can copy.

Good luck on your planting, transplanting and the upcoming baby time! Hoo Hoo! :)

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