Monday, February 12, 2007

The Last Day of the Chickens...

Saturday was Camilla and Piggy's last day Chez Lacy. It was a sad day, but one of fun. I let the chickens out for one last run of the yard with the dogs, and they got to show off their chicken-y selves for the camera. Their new home is pretty fantastic. Landscape architect Michael has a virtual bird sanctuary in his suburban backyard. He has a variety of fancy banties, pairs of beautiful phesants, doves, parrots, macaws, and bird friendly doggies. I feel very good about where they are, and it makes me feel good that he's probably giving them a better home than I ever could.

**In retrospect, this video might be annoying and long to some... just a warning. And my voice-over is for sure annoying, so feel free to watch without sound!!!!

Camilla and Piggy's new home

New neighbors, the Golden Phesants

The Aviary and some of the girls co-habitators (they are by far the BIGGEST birds!)