Friday, July 21, 2006

More Honeymoon

In the midst of another crazy workday, I have a need to revisit the roadtrip, so here are a couple more of those photos I promised! Okay, way more... I may have a problem with "overdoing it" with the photo posting...

The fabulous shower (see the shower bag hung off the canopy?)...

The Great Salt Lake...

MaryJane's Farm Fair!

Me and MaryJane

Judy (the Beetle) went to Yellowstone!

Buffalo and Calf at Yellowstone!

My new haircut looked FABULOUS the entire time, as you can see:

Jackson Hole Rodeo at Sunset (and the hubby)

White Water Rafting on the Snake...

And lastly, one more gorgeous photo of the Grand Tetons.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Roadtrip America Honeymoon

We're back from our WONDERFUL honeymoon, and, sadly, back at the deskjob and dreaming (so vividly it's almost tangible) of our future farm life...

We made 5000 miles and to 8 states in 10 days, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. All were beautiful, but if I HAD to rank, it would be Idaho for Overall Beauty,

Utah for Surrealistic Beauty,

and Wyoming for Dramatic Beauty.

We also went to MaryJane's Farm Fair in Moscow, Idaho, and it was wonderful! I got to meet and chat with the inspiring MaryJane, AND pass around all the photos of the wedding (which were adored-- so exciting!). I met many lovely farmgirls, and got to sit and chat for at least one evening (while I left the hubby at the campsite) with them.

I bought a couple of great things, including some homemade soap and a baby bella for a friend with a newborn, and just generally enjoyed just being at the farmgirl mecca...

We went whitewater rafting on the Snake River and to the rodeo in Jackson Hole, saw all sorts of wildlife.... and camped a lot. I must say, I have only camped (in a tent) about... um... twice in my entire life, and luckily, I now LOVE camping! Besides Montana, where it was 47 and windy in the morning, it was great! It even rained at many of our campsites and I had a GREAT time!

On another note, our quest for farming has become significantly more of a reality because of a very special book that Wes found, called YOU CAN FARM!

It's by Joel Salatin, one of the forerunners in pastured livestock, and it's just what I've been looking for in a how-to book. A step-by-step book on exactly HOW to leave your lucrative city job and start working towards a lucrative farming job. I'm so excited! It really seems like a viable lifestyle now!

Okay, well there's more photos, but blogger's being uncooperative, so perhaps there will be another post tomorrow...