Monday, June 19, 2006

19 days and counting...

19 days since my last post-- that's my new personal record!!

Well, things have definitely been busy-- working 55 hours or more at the "day job" and still working on the little urban farmstead. I had a bout with squash vine borers and so am now down to two plants out of 6. It was very sad to finally realize why my plants were wilting and dying, but pretty darned gratifying to watch Camilla gobble up the villian!

(not my photo-- brought my camera and proceeded to take NO photos...)

This weekend was Wes' big birthday #28... we had a family dinner at our local greasy spoon, Barbec's (tradition dictates breakfast for dinner on Wes' birthday). And since he steadfastly REFUSES to "celebrate" his birthday, we went on a "totally un-celebratory" camping trip to New Braunfels, Texas. We mainly went to see Jerry Jeff Walker (Texas country legend) at Gruene Hall, but river tubing and camping on the Guadalupe with friends was a great bonus. We were also testing out our camping equipment, because our 10 day camping/roadtripping/going to MaryJane's Farm Fair trip is rapidly approaching, and I know next to nothing about camping.

Well, it was reasonably successful. It was beautiful Saturday and Sunday, but rained CATS and DOGS on Saturday night, and our tent only leaked a little! And we stayed mostly dry thanks to our little sleeping pads. Anyway, so we tubed on Sunday morning, got out and hauled butt to my parents' house for Father's day.

Overall things are going well, just bone tired and TOTALLY ready for our vacation in less than 2 weeks! (Although I have a feeling I'll be bone tired after that as well. Oh, well... I guess this is just life! I'll get used to it~)


Blogger Juli said...

Very cool--you're gonna meet MaryJane and see her little slice of paradise! I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing some pictures--hint, hint!

11:19 AM  

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