Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Adventures in Flower Arranging

My bridal portrait was this weekend, and since I'm attempting to do most of my own flowers, this was my first shot at the bridal bouquet. Mom showed up at my new house at 7.30am to start the whole dang ordeal. First was a stop at the wholesale florist only to find that, surprise!! Wholesale florists don't sell retail!!! Then it was on to the farmers' market, which though it was a great find and I WILL be going back (Dallas has the most amazing giant daily farmer's market!) sadly, they had no good cut flowers. Soooooo, back out there.

We then went to Central Market (a local specialty grocery store) and two other reasonably high end florists... the findings? Florists are a little overrated, and Central Market has AWESOME flowers! Most of the flowers came from there, and a few of the more "odd" flowers came from a florist here in Dallas. Then it was on to my hair appointment (big bucket of flowers in hand) and then home to do the super-rushed arranging. I think it turned out just great! The white flowers are the ones that I photographed earlier in my back yard...

And about my dress (which is knee length)... these are the photographer's words, "Well I've never seen a dress quite like THAT before!" Good or bad? I'm going with good! I'm unique! Mission accomplished. (I'll post pics of the dress after the wedding. Wouldn't want the groom to see me in it before the wedding!)


Blogger Sue said...

A daily farmers market, how lucky!! Ours is only seasonal here. Great flowers and I'm sure the dress is too, so don't let anyone tell you other wise, it's your day!!

2:39 PM  
Blogger KFarmer said...

Things are moving right along it sounds like. The flowers are simply beautiful! I think you did an excellent job in choosing.

I cant wait to see all the pictures- you are going to post them right? :)

3:49 PM  
Blogger HFH said...

Lacy: I'm looking forward to
getting to see your wedding dress.
Good news - Bad news -- My wedding
dress was knee-length also!

5:07 PM  

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