Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Time IS NOT on my side

I have been terrible about updating my blog. There, I said it. Things have been crazy with this wedding stuff, and every time I have a minute to snap a cute pic of us doing something even remotely "farmy", I forget about it for days, and then remember.... and then forget again. Perhaps when every free moment I can eek out of my busy life is not consumed with the wedding that was supposed to be tiny and easy to plan, I will get back to doing much better in the blogging department. I have seeds that are sitting un-germinated in little packets in a wooden bowl in my house. I have millions of farming books sitting undisturbed in cardboard boxes in my living room. My mind is filled with potential future posts and still consumed with dreams of our farm (when those thoughts are not being pushed around by the worries about the wedding), but just no time to verbalize them. Sorry guys, I lose. Will post something interesting SOON... I promise. And in that vein, everyone should go take a look at what Farmgirl has to say about soon . Turns out it's not just a country thing... maybe it's a state of mind...


Blogger Sue said...

Don't be so hard on yourself girl!! Your plate is full, so take tiny bites and before you know it you will have cleaned up! We all get get behind now and then, no biggie! Hugs!

1:45 PM  

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