Thursday, March 16, 2006

Low-Tech Weed Wacking

We got a push mower!

We were going to buy one of these little beauties, but turns out my brother had one we could borrow in the garage of his new house. We have a tiny little backyard that is (or was) overgrown with the rye grass my best friend, Louise, planted out there in October. Soon we'll have to plant something else (I think this dies out in summer??) but until then, we have a beautifully and sustainably maintained postage stamp yard!

Things people don't know about push mowers:

1. They're very healthy for your lawn-- they cut the grass high so that it shadows the soil and helps it retain water, as well as creating a natural mulch (if you leave the grass cuttings out)

2. They're very healthy for you! -- you're out there enjoying the outdoors AND pushing a pretty light piece of equipment around... a little cardio never hurt anyone.

3. They're healthy for the environment-- okay, so that's obvious.

4. A little known fact: they make a lovely soothing whirring noise... and they don't scare dogs as much as traditional mowers!

Now, obviously when we get the farm we'll be getting one of those giant pasture-mowers, but for any city dweller like us with a tiny little haven of green, a push mower is just the ticket!


Anonymous wes said...

Pasture mower! I though that's what SHEEP were for?

8:21 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

We have been using a push mower for several years now and loving it. We don't have much lawn because everything is garden really but boy it is nice and can be done even later in the evening without disturbing neighbors!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

I had to use one of those oldies but goodies when I was a kid, don't think I could push one now!!!lol

6:52 AM  

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